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How to index subdomain sites?

What is a subdomain?

Subdomain are Web addresses built from your regular domain. For instance, the site could be used to create the subdomains,,, and so on.

Creating and using Subdomains is an easy way to divide your site into sections with short and easy-to-remember names.

How to enable subdomain sites indexing?

In the main toolbar, click on the "Indexing Options" button. In the "Indexing Options" window, "Page Options" panel, check the "Index subdomain sites" option.

How does it work?

Suppose you have three subdomain sites:, and, where the "" is your home page.

In the "Index" window, "Index Web site" field box, you should input "" as main address. By default, the indexer will only index URL addresses prefixed with "", and ignore all others. If you enable the "Index subdomain sites" option, the indexer will index URL addresses prefixed with "*", such as "", "", "" and any others you might need to create.


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